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Why You Might Want to Try Slings or Baby Carriers

Whether you want to call it using a sling, using a baby carrier or baby wearing, there are lots of benefits.


Portability! Carrying your baby hands-free can be liberating so that you can get on with things around the house,  or just get out for a coffee, especially if you have a baby who prefers to nap on you.

It is easier to get to places that are less accessible with a pushchair.

Carried babies tend to cry less.

A carrier takes the weight off your tired arms.

It is good for your baby, too. Babies are hard-wired to want to be close to you. Fulfilling this need is great for their brain development and a carrier makes it easy.

Position and safety tips:

Safety is always of the utmost importance when using any equipment with your baby.

Go through a mental safety check every time you use your baby carrier. One useful mnemonic is ABC:

  • Airway – Make sure baby’s airway is kept open by keeping the chin off chest (two fingers space under the chin is generally a good guide). Make sure your baby’s face is in view at all times.
  • Body Positioning – Your Baby should be upright, feel comfortably close so that their back is supported, their tummy close to you and support is from their bottom; their knees should be higher than their bum.
  • Comfort – Are you both comfortable? It might take a bit of adjusting  to get it right. Carriers should be close enough to feel secure. If it is too loose or slack your baby may slump, which will not only be less comfortable for you, it could also compromise the baby’s airway.

The Royal Society of for the Prevention of Accidents has really good information on sling safety – Read Here

It can be tricky to find the right one for you and your baby. It’s well worth considering contacting your local sling library or sling consultant for support.

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